The Scariest Moment Of My Life

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The scariest moment of my life! Imagine a time, your heart beating out of your chest, your brain going a million miles an hour, and your stomach sunk down as far as it can go. Now, multiply those feelings by ten and you will know how scared I felt during the scariest moment of my life. The end of January. My brother finally arrives home from his two-year mission in Mexico. Not particularly happy of the fact of giving up my room I droopingly moved my belongings into my old room just up the stairs. Although I missed my brother dearly, I never could imagine what it would be like for him to move out again after an encounter we had a few weeks after he returned home. Like any other normal school night, I completed my homework and prepared myself for a good night’s sleep. As I finished the long process of washing my face and brushing my teeth, I said goodnight to by brother and slothfully wondered up the stairs into my new/old bedroom. I kneeled down beside my bed and said my prayers. After I was finished, I carefully moved my prayer rock (a rock that reminds me to say my prayers) in front of my door, so I would not forget to say my prayers the following morning. I slowly crawled into my cloud-like bed, and began to attempt to fall asleep. Everyone dead asleep except me. Trying to fight away the horrifying thoughts of the movie Insidious I watched a few days prior, I laid there restless into the early hours of the morning. I tiredly rolled to the left side of my body. I saw
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