The Scarlet Badge Of Heroism In Hester Prynne, By Mark Van Doren

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The Scarlet Badge of Heroism In the work “Hester Prynne,” by Mark Van Doren, Hester Prynne is described as a heroic creature. Hester is strong and independent, and she is seen like this because of the way she carries herself throughout the novel. The development seen by her character is clear, as she develops her sense of independence and defiance after she sinned. The sin led Hester on a path in which she becomes the heroine of the novel, The Scarlet Letter. Mark Van Doren uses repetition, a complimentary diction, and a praising tone to prove that Hester Prynne is the best citizen in her Puritan society.
The repetition Van Doren uses persuades us to believe Hester is a hero because it gets his words across forcefully, showing he is passionate in his beliefs. This repetition also catches the reader’s attention, and makes sure they never forget the passionate way Van Doren describes Hester Prynne. In the essay “Hester Prynne,” Hester is seen as “the heroine of a tragedy, and she understands the tragedy” (Van Doren). Van Doren’s work is centered around the strength of Hester Prynne, so he makes sure to point out that her sin was a tragedy. Since she understands this tragedy it makes her a hero because she will know how to become better and overcome her troubles. He uses the word “tragedy” twice for a specific reason: he wants it to stick that it is not just a sin, it is a colossal misfortune which leads Hester on the path to becoming a hero. The sin is a terrible tragedy
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