The Scarlet Ibis By James Hurst

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The story of a miracle unfolding and a brother motivating is one named,” The scarlet Ibis.” This story is written by James Hurst. In “The Scarlet Ibis”, one will find, two brothers; one with the desire to run and play, named Doodle, and the other with the desire to have someone to run and play with, the narrator. Doodle had a desire to be a normal child but was born handicapped. He was a child who no one thought would live more than 2 days. However, he lived longer than that and it was soon discovered that “he was all there”. In this story, his brother tried to “fix him”. As his brother tries to “fix him”, one can see more of his qualities and characteristics and that is what makes the story so impactful.The most important role that…show more content…
Hope no longer hid in the dark palmetto thicket but perched like a cardinal in the lacy toothbrush tree, brilliantly visible. "Yes, yes," I cried, and he cried it too, and the grass beneath us was soft and the smell of the swamp was sweet.”’ (Hurst 5) This shows that even though Doodle was hesitant and afraid of the challenge of walking, he persevered and learned how to walk. Because doodle is determined, he strives to please his brother even when he is filled with a self-doubt. For example, in the story, Doodle’s brother wants to teach his brother how to walk. ‘“I can 't walk, Brother."Who says so?"Mama, the doctor–everybody."Oh, you can walk.”’ I took him by the arms and stood him up. He collapsed on to the grass like a half-empty flour sack. It was as if his little legs had no bones.’"Don 't hurt me, Brother.” ' ‘"Shut up. I 'm not going to hurt you. I 'm going to teach you to walk.”’ I heaved him up again, and he collapsed.’"I just can 't do it.” 'Oh, yes, you can, Doodle. All you got to do is try. Now come on,” ' and I hauled him up once more.It seemed so hopeless that it 's a miracle I didn 't give up. But all of us must have something to be proud of, and Doodle had become my something.”’ (Hurst 388) In this part of the story, Doodle did not believe he had the ability to walk, however, he was determined to please his brother. Since he was determined to please his brother, he continued to allow his brother to teach him how to walk. So, in
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