The Scarlet Ibis Character Analysis

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In the story The Scarlet Ibis it shows how one of the character is disable to do anything. How do you think you’ll feel if you couldn't use your legs in life? Well his brother helps Doodle out with anything he wants because he can't walk. But it shows how Doodle can’t live without his brother because he helps him all the time.
The background of this story is the Bird because it makes him think about himself. In the story “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst The character Doodle reveals through (dialogue/appearance/inner thought/revealing actions/interaction with others) that he/she is Brave and Dependable. In this story the two traits for the story I Chose were Brave and dependable. I chose these traits because since he can't walk he is brave for that because later in the story his brother tries to teach him how to walk and he Started to catch on and he had to try to stand up 100 times a day. For the other trait he is dependable because he depends on his brother for help because without him he can't do anything because of his leg.
First, Of all Doodle was brave because once his brother tried to help him walk again he started to catch on and he started practicing with his brother to try to walk so that brother doesn't have to babysit him anymore. He also got treated bad by brother and he just took it so that made him brave for that. "I'm going to teach you to walk, Doodle," I said.I can't walk, Brother," he said. "Who says so?" I demanded."Mama, the doctor--everybody. This text evidence right here shows that doodle can’t walk and he tells himself that and that makes me think that that's how doodle described himself as weak and depends on others to help him out and another thing is that doodle said was. I heard Doodle, who had fallen behind, cry out, "Brother, Brother, don't leave me!Don’t leave me!” This is another text evidence that shows that doodle can't really do anything without his brother there for him. Or other people around him and that's why later in the story his brother tells you that he killed doodle so he didn't have to take care of him all of the time and then he regretted it.
Finally, Once Doodles says that his brother was always being rude to him is. Because his brother didn't want to

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