The Scarlet Ibis

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In The Scarlet Ibis, what evidence does the narrarator use to support his claim that Doodle was a burden in many ways? Doodle was a burden because he really couldn't do a whole lot for himself. He was very weak and very dependent. The narrator had to take him with him wherever he went and he had to be careful with him at all times. He had a lot of restrictions when taking Doodle around with him. To a young boy, lugging his brother around with him wherever he went would become a nuisance."Daddy built him a go-cart and I had to pull him around. At first I just paraded him up and down the piazza, but then he started crying to be taken out into the yard, and it ended up by my having to lug him wherever I went. If I so much as picked up my…show more content…
Doodle gave it a burial, as if it was a member of the family. He was truly broken up from the death of the exotic bird. Brother never felt any of the sort. Doodle even showed compassion for nature when they would go to Old Woman Swamp. He would drag his hands through the long grass and tell Brother, "It's so pretty, pretty, pretty." He never wanted to leave. He mentioned moving there with his mom, dad and brother. He had his own world of love and compassion that Brother never quite understood Describe Doodle’s appearance as a baby in "The Scarlet Ibis". Doodle was described almost as a wrinkly old man. He wasn't quite the normal color either because his heart was so weak. HIs head was a lot larger than the rest of his body, too. He just did not look like a normal little baby as he should have. The story describes him in the following sentence. "He seemed all head with a tiny body which was red and shriveled like an old man's." Doodle most likely had a big smile for a baby. It was that smile that saved his life when Brother went into his room to smother him--he couldn't live with a brother who wasn't "all there." But Doodle smiled. He was all there. Do you think that the narrator is to blame for Doodle's death in "The Scarlet Ibis"? Now, of course, this is an opinion question, so the answer is up to you, as well as the evidence to support that answer. In my opinion, however, the narrator is not at all

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