The Scarlet Ibis Short Story

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Did a young boy actually kill his own brother? “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst. In this story the main characters are boy named Brother and his younger, disabled brother Doodle. Brother is on trial for killing Doodle. Brother planned to kill Doodle because he always ashamed of having a disabled brother. Brother is guilty of killing Doodle because he didn’t want a brother who was disabled so he always planned to kill him.
Brother deliberately killed Doodle because in the story it says, “He was ashamed of having an invalid brother.” Brother intentionally showed Doodle his casket because everyone knew he was going to die. Brother wanted to kill Doodle because they went up to the loft and Brother showed Doodle his casket and told
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Some people may argue that Brother is innocent and did not kill Doodle since he also taught Doodle how to walk.This argument makes sense because Brother was trying to help Doodle. In the story it says that Brother taught Doodle to walk so that’s where he could be innocent since he was kind enough to teach his disabled brother to walk. It could prove he is innocent since it gives no evidence he killed him because he did something kind for Doodle. However, this argument does not matter because Brother was still planning all along to kill Doodle since he was disabled. Brother showed him the casket he was going to die in, and he left him face down in the rain knowing Doodle couldn’t help himself since he was disabled.
Brother is guilty for killing Doodle since he was ashamed and embarrassed of Doodle and he wouldn’t put Doodle through that much hurt to prove that he wouldn’t want him dead. There is also more evidence pointing to the fact he was guilty of killing Doodle, so therefore,Brother should be charged for killing him since he saw him as an embarrassment, he showed him the coffin, and just leaving him in the rain to later to die. So it should all prove that Brother is guilty because people should not treat others with disrespect or even harm them just because they
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