The Scarlet Letter : A Blessing Or A Curse

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Through the words, “You must unlearn what you have learned,” of the infamous, leafy, green-skinned Jedi Master, “small in size, but wise and powerful,” comes the secret to obtaining power, the secret to obtaining success, and the secret to obtaining the ruler of all other moral characteristics: knowledge.

To be knowledgeable means to have more brain capacity for extensive content. More can be created, more can be interpreted and most importantly, more can be understood. Opportunities open up. However, knowledge can be both a blessing or a curse. In The Scarlet Letter, Pearl takes on the responsibility of being the Moral Compass of her mother, Dimmesdale, and herself. Because of her youthful, yet knowing character, this task comes easy to her; she only wants so much for the truth to come out. At a time of intimacy between Pearl and her mother, Hester, Pearl questions, without hesitation, about the scarlet letter on Hester’s bosom; “What does the letter mean, mother?-- and why dost thou wear it,” continuing with asking why the minister always places his “hand over his heart” as if he feels guilt (163). Hester, taken back, asserts that the questions evolved by Pearl’s “silly,” and quite obstinate, curiosity are what “a child must not ask about” (163). At this moment, Hester realizes the maturity in Pearl’s personality. She behaves much older than she actually is rather than being an innocent young child. It is soon revealed that Pearl is not just a child. She is their one
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