The Scarlet Letter Act By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Individuals create a society, but a collective mindset still exists. The average person tends to be the best representation of any society, and the townspeople found in The Scarlet Letter act as true representations of this idea, as apparent in the uniformity in the minds of the constituents of Puritan Boston. Each of these individuals’ thoughts and actions blend together to express a chorus of societal ideology. Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the motivations, values, characteristics, and conflicts of the average person that they face to create a thematic element regarding how a theocratic society can suffer under the oppressive impact of Old Testament law. By freely subjugating themselves to a one sided view of morality and life via religion due to their fear of everlasting perdition they bring about their own demise. The average townsperson tends to be motivated by religion and family. Meanwhile, sharing the similar values of religion, family, and education, all of which are principal tenets of 17th century Puritanism. This religious branch came from England and believed that the Church of England could be reformed. Puritan lifestyle includes hard work and strong religious beliefs. Citizens of Boston in the 1600s were motivated by their fear of an angry Christian God. These people believed that individuals were predetermined to go to either heaven or hell and lived in fear of the latter. This drove the citizens to unanimously live and work in what they deemed a saintly
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