The Scarlet Letter And Selena

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“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”(Katharine Hepburn). Some people were raised to follow every rule given to them. They never stray from their set of instructions. They never let loose and join in on the fun because they are too afraid to create their own rules and experience fun. Their mind is set on living the life that was planned for them, not creating their own life. They never question when someone tells them to do something. Every day is similar to the day before. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. Their lives are like the movie Groundhog Day, constantly repeating. Memories are not created with their friends and family. They do not experience adrenaline, anger, love, joy, or sadness. It is as if they are immune…show more content…
By the time she was released, Hester gave birth to her daughter, Pearl, and ran into her husband. Hester 's husband had, in a sense, abandoned her for two years by sending Hester off to America and never following after her. He had disguised himself as a doctor and changed his name to Roger Chillingworth to keep the citizens from recognizing him. Chillingworth kept his identity secret due to his embarrassment towards his wife. His main motive was to find out who she cheated with and then to torture him. Hester was tormented by being shunned from Boston 's civilians. This led to the confinement of Hester and Pearl. Hester and Dimmesdale subsequently planned to leave for Europe with Pearl within the following days. Unfortunately, Dimmesdale died before the trio could leave. This exposed the secret of Hester and Dimmesdale being Pearl 's parents. However, this did not keep Hester from staying in Boston and enduring the hate of the citizens. Once again, Hester and Pearl returned to their cottage and lived in isolation for quite a long time.
Selena Quintanilla- Peréz, similar to Hester Prynne, was also deprived of her dreams. This was not only because she was a young girl, but because she was also a Mexican performing songs with her siblings in America. When Selena was a young girl, performing at a state fair in the early 1980 's, she was booed off stage. The audience believed that women could not succeed
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