The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne 's book The Scarlet Letter he exhibits how committing sin can entirely consume a person through the three characters Chillingworth, Dimmesdale, and Hester and how they change from the sin. In the beginning Chillingworth is painted as a man “well stricken in years, a pale, [and] thin” (6) man that slithers into the market place. After finding out that his wife, Prynne, has committed adultery he blames himself by saying he “betrayed [Hester’s] budding youth into false and unnatural relation with his decay” (78). By saying this, he is telling her that he married young Hester without acknowledging who she is as a person for his own satisfaction. He continues by telling her “[I] plot no evil against thee. Between thee…show more content…
After Dimmesdale dies, Chillingworth “shrivelled away, and almost vanished from mortal sight, like an uprooted weed that lies wilting in the sun” (270)and leaves all of his belongings to Pearl, Hester’s child. Since Pearl lived her childhood in social rejection, Chillingworth inherits his livings as a settlement for the childhood she was brought into. Dimmesdale on the other hand, hurt himself a lot more than Chillingworth. The minister of the Puritan society is comparably the tree of life in everyone 's eyes until they discover the truth behind his passionate sermons. Dimmesdale’s “eloquence and religious fervour had already given the earnest of high eminence in his profession” (69). The Puritans are constantly in complete adulation towards Dimmesdale. They are blind to the secret that not only did he commit adultery with Hester, but he also had “[a] secret closet, under lock and key, [where] there was a bloody scourge” (150). He does not go to God in penitence instead tries to undo his wronging in penance. For committing adultery, Hester was publicly punished by having to wear a scarlet letter upon her chest. Dimmesdale practiced penance by keeping the truth of his relations to himself. The family met in the forest and decided to leave for England after Dimmesdale gave his last sermon for the upcoming Election day. Hester has waited seven years to have a public family and Dimmesdale is the one who is keeping her even longer from getting what she wants. This
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