The Scarlet Letter By Roger Chillingworth

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Roger Chillingworth: Retribution to Death
According to an old Klingon proverb, “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” which Roger Chillingworth, the evil antagonist in The Scarlet Letter knows how to serve well. As readers, we rarely slow down and really scrutinize the works of novels. Consequently, we do not truly realize and acknowledge the development and transition of the characters’ feelings, thoughts, and states of mind. Through Roger Chillingworth, Nathaniel Hawthorne demonstrates that trying to enact retribution on another will typically end in one’s own demise.
The one definite reason for Roger Chillingworth’s desire for retribution on his perceived enemy results from Dimmesdale’s act of adultery with his wife while he had not been present. Chillingworth sends Hester Prynne, his wife, to the "New World" two years before while he had been busy in England. Hester becomes impregnated by the town’s minister, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. Chillingworth becomes infuriated; he alters his identity, giving himself a new name and profession. Chillingworth still has to determine who has committed the act with his wife. He acts stern with anyone that speaks with him and expresses rage at everyone for letting the act happen. Chillingworth suspects something about the minister at first glance but has no proof if Dimmesdale is actually the one who enacts the crime with his wife. Chillingworth asks to stay with Dimmesdale for medical reasons, utilizing his fake profession as a
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