The Scarlet Letter, By William Hawthorne

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Pearl is the product of Hester’s, Dimmesdale’s and Chillingworth’s suffering and their actions. Like how humanity has been formed to the state that it’s currently in from the actions of the righteously wholesome and that of the despicably evil men of history, all of which comes from their suffering and how they dealt with said suffering. The actions of men reflect the actions and ethos of their gods. The suffering of history all lead to discovering the Americas, the puritans going to live there and then orchestrate the witch trials. Nathanial was shaped by this history of which his father was the magistrate. The hall of history lead to Nathanial Hawthorne writing The scarlet letter, the mirroring of this history and Hawthorne’s redemption for what his ancestors did. Pearl is the representation of the salvation of Hester Prynne, she is the representation of what Hester went through, she is a representation of the sin between Dimmesdale and Hester, and the scarlet letter is a representation of Hawthorne’s attempted redemption for the actions of his ancestors. The puritans do not represent their god, but themselves. They have taken on the religion that of hatred and evil, they are delighted at the idea of dispensing corporal punishment. That is not Christ like nor god like, a god is not only omnipotent, omniscient, but also benevolent. The puritans are not in the least bit like this, and their evil deeds during the witch
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