Essay about The Scarlet Letter: Change and Transformation

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Change and Transformation The setting of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet letter” is crucial to the understanding of the event that takes place in the story. The setting of the story is in Salem, Massachusetts during the Puritan era. During the Puritan era, adultery was taken as a very serious sin, and this is what Hester and Dimmesdale committ with each other. Because of the sin, their lives change, Hester has to walk around in public with a Scarlet Letter “A” which stands for adultery, and she is constantly being tortured and is thought of as less than a person. Dimmesdale walks around with his sin kept as secret, because he never admits his sin, his mental state is changing, and the sin degrades his well-being. Chillingworth…show more content…
They said that it meant Abel; so strong was Hester Prynne, with a woman’s strength." Her change transforms her to a new person. It changes her so much, Pearl, couldn’t even recognize her. Dimmsdales sins affects his physical well-being, and his mental stability. Since he never publicly admits his sin, he has to keep his sins bottled up within him. He has no way to relieve himself of the burden of his sins, but to be shamed in public. He ultimately becomes a coward and he tortures himself . He was healthy before, but as the years go by, he becomes sickly, and he worsens his condition by abusing himself. Later on through the years, when he joins with Hester and Pearl in the forest , he becomes different, and when they decide what their plans will be, his health changes, and his energy seems as I it was back. He changes and transforms to another person. "The minister's own will, and Hester's will, and the fate that grew between them, had wrought this transformation. It was the same town as heretofore; but the same minister returned not from the forest." He changed to a new him. Chillingworth also changes as a character. In the beginning, before he finds out about Hester’s sin, he is a peaceful and quiet physician. As time goes on, and he knows about Hester’s sin, he kindles a new fire for revenge. He carries a new dark energy that isn’t there before. As years go on, people even think him to be the devil himself. He transforms into something evil that
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