The Scarlett Letter And The House Of Seven Gables

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Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in a strict Puritan family in Salem, Massachusetts in the year of 1804 on July 4th. His childhood was calm and isolated. A leg injury left him immobile for a time. After the death of his father, A SC captain, Hawthorne attended college at Bowdain College with the help of a wealthy uncle. His Puritan background and witness to religious persecution greatly affected his writings. Haunted by the Salem Witch Trials and the executions carried out with his uncles acting as judges, Hawthorne placed a w in his name to distance himself from the family.

The Scarlett Letter and The House of Seven Gables are some of his famous masterpieces. He became one of the most studied writers of his time with his use of allegory and symbolism. Leaving college because of homesickness, he wrote two of his greatest tails, My Kinsman and Major Molineux and Roger Malvin Burials. In 1937, he penned Twice Told Tales winning
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He met Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Hawthorne was plaqued by debt and the sickness of his wife. Sophia bore 3 children. He was a life-long Democrat. His political connections landed him a job as a surveyor. However, he lost his job because of political favoritism. It was during this time he wrote the masterpiece, The Scarlett Letter.

Hawthorne never felt comfortable in Salem and moved his family out of the Pious Puritaniecal atmosphere. Moving his family to Lenox, Massachusetts. He became close friends Moby Dick Arthur, Herman Melville. Here he wrote The House of Seven Gables among two others.

During the 1852 Election, Hawthorne wrote a biography for Franklin Pierce, a college friend. Pierce became president of the United States. Hawthorne served as consul to England where he moved there for a time. While there, he wrote Our Old Home. After his serving as Consul, Hawthorne moved his family to Concord, Massachusetts, where he wrote his last novel, The Marble
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