The Scarlett Letter : Sin

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The Scarlett Letter: Sin The Scarlett letter has many themes throughout the story. One of the most important themes in the story that was emphasized greatly was sin. Sin is defined in Webster’s new world dictionary as, “any offense, fault, or the willful breaking of religious or moral law.” As human beings we are very likely to commit some type of sin. It is an obstacle that is very rarely avoided. In the story the townspeople didn’t discriminate, no sin was greater than the other. All sin was equal and with each sin there was a consequence. The Scarlett Letter took place in Boston in the 17th century puritan society. The Puritans were very strict on religion and took religion very seriously. It took a huge impact on every aspect of their life. The Puritans tried to live by a set of rules and values that would help them to get closer and closer to being perfect, and when they were not abiding by those standards, it was looked upon as a sin. Puritans believed that if someone committed a sin, they were rebelling against God (Wineapple 2). This meant that they would be eternally punished by a sense of guilt. Puritans put adultery above most of the sins. It was considered the ultimate sin, and a violation against the will of God. In the story, The Scarlett Letter is a symbolic representation for shame, in other words it was an embarrassment for people who committed sins. In this novel, without a good track record an individual isn’t considered valuable enough for respect from
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