The Scavenger Hunt

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During this time and age you make that you can find anything within a quick Google search. Well these students are given extremely hard questions in order to find hid in information online. In order for students to participate in the scavenger hunt they have to miss classes. So is the scavenger hunt worth it? Is there any point in the scavenger hunt? And what are its origins. The scavenger hunt consisted of 260+ high students and 300+ middle school students in the Jefferson state. Every school has at least 1 coach or mentor. In the state of Jefferson high schools and middle schools compete in academic competition to find various questions that will take more than just a Google search. An example of one of these questions is where they give you a picture of a Spanish road that “dates back to the 18th century, It leads to a building that inspired, but could not be used for, the Final scene of a famous movie from the 1950s.” Then it asks you what movie the Spanish road is from. If you don't think it will be that hard you can go to this link and try it for yourself.…show more content…
The scavenger hunt ends around 6:00pm. The entire scavenger hunts last 6th-8th and the 14th of December. On December 14th students go to SOU to see whose answers are right. Also during this time students can debate why there answer is right and sometimes even if the student's answer is wrong they can get points with a successful debate. So why does is the scavenger hunt a thing. Well according to Cayden Kaywood a student who participated in the scavenger hunt “The scavenger hunt gives students an opportunity to embrace their competitive spirit.” But, is that all there is to it or is there more than the

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