The Scavengers Narrative

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Clint slumped onto the couch. Breathing a heavy sigh, he closed his eyes for a moment. With the children all asleep, a peaceful silence hung in the air. Even the sounds of the dripping tap he needed to repair seemed to cease for this one evening, giving him almost complete quiet. But it never took long for the silence to transition from peaceful to strange and uncomfortable. As exhausted as he was, and as much as he enjoyed the peace, it made him restless. Blindly, Clint reached out and attempted to grab the television remote off the coffee table, without opening his eyes or shifting his body. "So, you can save the world from aliens and killer robots, but grabbing the remote is such a dreadful struggle," joked Laura, as she picked up the…show more content…
She tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position so she could drift off and forget momentarily about the day's events. Giving up, reached across to her bedside table and grabbed her laptop. Usually, Wanda would have used her powers to grab items she needed, but now she was hesitant. I can't risk it, she thought. I can risk damaging anything, or anyone else. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and switched on the laptop, the sudden brightness of the screen causing her to squint. A notification flashed across the screen, informing her of an incoming video message through the Avengers private communication system from an unidentified caller. Knowing exactly who it would, she smiled and immediately clicked to answer the call. Clint's face appeared on the screen within seconds. He appeared to be sitting on the couch in his dimly lit living room. "Hey Wanda," he greeted her with a smile. "I didn't wake you, did I?" "No, don't worry," she said, leaning over to switch on her lamp so Clint could actually see her face. "I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight. Too much on my mind." There was a momentary pause from Clint’s end of the call. "So, I... uh... I saw the news," he began, evidently unsure of what to say
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