The Scavengers Persuasive Speech

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“Fuck!” Leah reprimanded herself mentally, why did she have to do that?
“He´s just making things up, what the hell does he want from her?” Loki was already pacing up and down the corridor.
“I don´t know, but he left you a message.” Tony informed him.
“What message? Now, don´t tell me he issued a warrant against me for aiding a criminal” Loki snorted.
“No, he didn´t; surprisingly he has agreed to accept you as an active member of the Avengers. In his own words he told us. -Tell Loki my door is always open in case he wants to talk.-“
“That manipulative son of a bitch!” Loki spat enraged. “He knows I can´t let him arrest Leah”.
“I´m afraid he is counting on that. I know you won´t listen to me, but just drop it Loki. It sounds like a trap.” Tony
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What indeed could´ve happened if Doom had agreed? He would´ve had his way with her, that’s for sure. But they would´ve been able to rescue her before she got pregnant again, wouldn´t they? What if they rescued her too late? What could´ve happened? She would never agree to lose the child, no matter what, he or she would still be hers, how would that make Loki feel? Would he have accepted the child? “No Leah stop; you are giving yourself a headache” She sighed; why did they keep feeling they had to hide everything from her? “Because they don´t believe you are all right” She answered herself. “Maybe I should prove to them I can handle this. If I´m going to get hell for offering Doom such a deal I would rather it be now and I can´t let Loki accept Fury´s deal either … I have got to tell them” She stood unwilling fully, it didn’t matter if she was prepared or not; she just had to do it before she lost her nerve.
She walked in just as Tony was telling Loki “You can´t tell her, she will kill me if she knows I told you.”
”No, I won´t kill you, but I wished you would all stop treating me like I´m going to break. I´m not as messed up as you think.” She dryly told them, she felt as if she was walking into her own execution.
“We are not …” Tony began to reply when Leah interrupted

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