The Scene Of A Major Emergency Or Disaster

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Introduction The scene of a major emergency or disaster may appear chaotic and disorganized, with early responders and supplies moving about with no visible direction or coordination. However, each individual usually has a specific duty or role which they are assigned, and their efforts play a critical part in the initial response phase after an event takes place. Successful response includes proper management as well as having an appropriate number of trained actors and supplies involved at the right time. Too few or too many can lead to further complications during the recovery stage. In many cases it would seem beneficial to have a large amount of help and supplies available during an emergency situation. However, if resources are not managed and distributed appropriately they can lead to disorganization and threaten the safety of everyone involved. Too many unmanaged workers, equipment, and volunteers at the scene of a disaster can create overcrowding and obstruct with response activities. Oftentimes, volunteers and extra supplies show up at a disaster scene unrequested and can add to the chaos. That being said, volunteers can become a valuable resource during a disaster if they are trained, assigned, and supervised properly. The purpose of this paper is to provide information pertaining to the difficult task of managing volunteers, volunteer organizations, and volunteer donations during disasters and major emergencies. During a major emergency or disaster
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