The Schindler's List

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The Schindler’s list tells the story of a money-obsessed person changed into a caring, loving man. Oscar Schindler was a start-up business man during the Holocaust. He hired Jews to work in his factory, because they were cheaper to hire. While being around his Jewish factory workers he realized the terrible conditions the Jews were in and decided to save as many Jews as he could. He ended up saving hundreds and hundreds of Jews, but it still wasn’t enough for him. Some of his last words were about how if he would have sold his car he could have saved more Jews. Schindler’s list shows the heartbreaking conditions of the Jews he was trying to save. This movie provides a glimpse into what it was like for the Jews and some historically context.…show more content…
A main social constraint to the Jews was they couldn’t choose where they lived. One part of the movie showed how the Jews had to live in a certain town, which was later attached by the Nazi police forces. As a matter of fact, Jews were forced to live in concentration camps that sometime the Jews would have to build. Along with not choosing where they could live, it showed Jews not being able to really choose what job they could work in. The movie, Schindler’s list, shows that some Jews have an education and job skills, although they aren’t allowed to choose what job they have. Police officers could choose to put them in jobs they didn’t have schooling or experience…show more content…
While working with the Jews he soon found out the terrible conditions they were living in, and decided to save some of the Jews. In my opinion this film shows the story of the guy, Oscar Schindler, pretty well. It also showed what it was like for the Jews during this time very well. What I liked about this movie was it showed really good character development of Schindler. At the beginning of the movie you could tell he really didn’t care too much about the Jews. As the movie goes on you can slowly see how Schindler changes over time. The only thing about the movie I didn’t like was it took a really long time to set up the setting, or until Schindler actually saved anyone. Other than that I enjoyed the film, and would recommend it to
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