The Schlieffen Plan Created By General Alfred Von Schlieffen

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The Schlieffen Plan created by General Alfred Von Schlieffen in 1905 in WWI was believed to be a foolproof operation intended for German victory over the French and Russian alliance by holding off Russia with minimal strength and swiftly defeating France by a massive movement through the Low Countries. Failure of precise instruction led to Britain declaring war on Germany. The Schlieffen plan was an ineffective approach on the Germans behalf as Britain, the rivalry country to Germany, had mobilized their troops to help France against Germany in accordance to the alliance treaty withholding Britain, Serbia and Russia (Entente Alliance). There are abounding reasons of failure however time, direction and change come in as the most logical to the argument.

Timing had to be everything, using the Schlieffen Plan, the German army had to defeat France before Russia could mobilize. The plan was made on the assumption that Germany would mobilize its units, send them to France and defeat France before Russia could finish their mobilization. For this to result germany had to mobilize first, however during the war had Russia mobilized their troops first in response to Austria-Hungary 's planned attack on Serbia. Now when the Germans began sending their men to France while Russia were close to finishing their mobilization. So when the Germans were approaching Paris, the Russian’s quickly attacked into Germany 's eastern front which was guarded by only a few soldiers, since most…
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