The School Age Case Study

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School Age Case Study This case study focuses on Jamie and Johanna, daughters of Pam and Tyrone Jenkins. The girls are 9-year-old identical twins who both have their separate strengths and weaknesses. Their nutritional intake, daily habits, and psychosocial development will be assessed. Recommendations on how to improve these areas of their life will be made using current guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Heart Association (AHA), and other nationally accredited sources. Nutrition Jamie’s Diet Based on Jamie’s nutritional assessment in the SuperTracker, aligned with the recommendations from the AAP and the AHA for her age group, her daily nutritional needs are low on milk, lean meat and/or beans,…show more content…
Her parents should also assist in minimizing her consumption in candy, soda, and processed food high in saturated fat, which increases her calorie intake (Park, 2016). Jamie is able to maintain her weight, especially as she prepares for puberty (Grodner et al., 2016). Her parents, with the help of role models such as her teachers, can make eating fun for her. Since Jamie is studious, a positive reinforcement can be to teach her how to calculate nutritional needs, and play the educational and nutritional activity games on the ChooseMyPlate website for kids (Grodner et al., 2016). Her meals and snacks she enjoys should be colorful with fresh fruits and vegetables. This will provide an increase in her vitamins and minerals intake as suggested by AHA and AAP. An example is adding puree carrots to her spaghetti sauce, and replacing the meat for ground turkey or chicken. Since she enjoys sweets, there are healthier alternatives to desserts with less sugar and more fruits. Another suggestion could be for her parents to gather the family and prepare a healthy meal for her and her twin sister Johnna, together. This allows awareness of healthy eating in the family. BMI Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation using height and weight to determine the body fat of an individual. In children, it is an
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