The School Dental Services At The Regional Hillah City / Babylon Province Essay

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The present study uncovers the school dental services in the regional Hillah city/Babylon province in Iraq by using the spatial analysis (GIS/geo-coding). The study is the first of its kind, which can lay the foundation for future studies in exploring or planning for dental services in the region. The incorporation of spatial analysis (GIS/geo-coding) in the study has added many advantages such as the distribution of the fixed primary health care clinics and primary schools and illustrate the distances that dentists have to travel in order to examine school children as part of the school dental services program. The importance of GIS mapping as a tool in health care services planning by analysing important spatial patterns and trends has been well-documented 101, 102. Utilising spatial analysis (without computer based software) in community school dental services was conducted first by Taylor and Carmichael in the 1980s in Newcastle in the United Kingdom 103. Consequently, further research has been carried using GIS/spatial analysis (with computer based software) to demonstrate the access to community based health care services 104,105. As a result, our study findings add to expanding the body of similar research, with potential of covering wider areas, populations, and public health services in region that has not being studied before. However, the region may differ in the nature of school dental services which could make the comparison with other school dental services

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