The School Drama Club At My Middle School

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Since middle school, I had always made a way to be a part of the school drama club. It was a good outlet for me as well as something that helped to distract me from bad emotions. Theatre wasn 't really taken seriously during middle school by most people and at the least, maybe 40 people would show up to the play. Once high school hit, I quickly realized it was a whole different ballgame.
The first thing that had struck out to me was the people. For one, they had very vast knowledge on the world of theater and knew Broadway tunes like the back of their hand. Unlike the drama club members at my middle school, they lived, breathed, and ate theater. I never thought I 'd be able to fit in with them; I had only been to Broadway twice in my
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So, when the news of the spring musical broke out, I didn’t even think too much of it. I had just thwarted the idea of singing in front of hundreds out of my head. I still went to the interest meeting so I could have an idea of how the process went.
The director, Ms. Perkins, told us that there would be three total auditions—one for acting, dancing, and singing respectively—over a span of three days. The dancing part had discouraged me even further, as I pretty much had two left feet. The singing audition was going to be the first one held. We were supposed to pick a song from either a Disney movie or Broadway musical to audition with in front of the four directors. That eased my nerves a little bit; I had been under the impression that I would have to sing among the entire cast. I began toying more with the idea of auditioning. It wouldn’t have hurt to try, after all. There was always the chance that the results would turn out better than they have before.
After the meeting, I spent some time talking with my good friend who was also involved with theatre, Wynn. He was in the grade above me and was alongside me in the middle school drama club. He helped me remember that I wasn’t entirely out of the loop with everyone else. I had expressed my concern and hesitancy about the auditioning process, especially about the dancing.
“It’s not like extreme choreography or anything,” he assured me. “And singing in front of people isn’t so bad.” It was easy for him
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