The School Of A Charter School

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Being in a charter school, the academic school day is much different than in a public school. My CT, has to have her lesson plan turned in and approved at least 2 weeks prior to the lesson. There is no room for error, let alone the students not understanding any lesson. If a lesson is taught on a Monday, the classroom will be moving on to the next lesson on Tuesday, regardless if the students understand the lesson or not. There is also no differentiation in the classroom. All of the students are given the same materials, lessons and the same amount of help. There are students with IEP’s and students with their English at basic proficiency levels. The only time that instruction is differentiated is when one specific student struggles with…show more content…
The students should be instructed to use scaffolding and the teacher should be able to gage when the students are starting to understand the information and send the individuals to their seats as she sees fit.
When it comes to differentiated instruction, there is none. When it comes to the student whose L1 is not English, she is stuck guessing on many of their assessments. Many times, the language of the test is content-specific academic language, which is much more difficult for the individual to understand. This could easily be adjusted by, making sure the student is taught the specific language throughout the lesson and unit. Another course of action would be to differentiate the assessment by adjusting the language so that the L2 is comprehensible to the student.
Language Allocation in Classroom Within the Spanish speaking community at this charter school, there is little to no L1 used during the school day. The students’ instruction does now allow for the individuals L1 to be used. Occasionally, when the students are not having a silent lunch or when they are given recess, there will be murmurs in the students L1. Aside from the occasional conversations during recess or lunch time, the students do not speak in their native language at school. The teacher does
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