The School Of A Magnet Program And A Quest Program

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The school houses 107 teachers, 1590 students within a magnet program and a quest program (gifted). I feel that we have many internal leaders that play a key role in the successfulness of our school. The external leaders would include parents, and different business within the community. Our school has undergone many administrative and staff changes this year. I feel with that internal leaders have stepped into the light for good influences and not so good rumor leaders. My school has always felt like a family; wither you were faculty, student, or visitor, you always felt welcome. This year the warm feel good feeling has dissipated a bit. The school has many veteran teachers that love their job. In respects to the elementary teachers, they stay late and give their students 100% of them and it shows. Children are smiling and eager to get to class. The walls are filled with student lead projects. I can identify the internal leaders who are outspoken and who resolve issues. There is 5th grade teacher who is team leader and she is amazing. If a problem arises instead of complaining she goes to her team and creates a solution. In 5th grade the team is so influential due to the fact they work together so well. They plan together and share ideas. When looking through data they delve deep to the root of the problem and remediate students when needed. “Educators must promote and build meaningful relationships for all students and stakeholders in the community” (Woody,

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