The School Of A School

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School nurses play an integral part of the school system. They oversee school health policies and programs. They provide a holistic approach with regards to the students health needs. They provide quality health care by using their clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment. They want to make sure the students are safe, ready to learn, and be successful in school. School nurses not only provide for care and safety of students and staff but also focus on the need for incorporating health solutions into the educational setting. They are responsible for the promotion of health education which they consider appropriate for the students health care need. Through my service learning experience, I was able to recognize the major roles of a school nurse, how my teaching impact the students, and what this experience taught me as a nursing student. Crossroads Center is an alternative program which provides educational, social and emotional support service to students in grades 7-10 who experiences challenges both academically and behaviorally. These are students who do not “fit in” in a conventional school. At present, this school has a population of 173 students. Students and parents sign a contract for a year then they go back to their home school. It is by invitation only. If the school determines that the student has a potential to progress, then the student will be given the chance for another year. At first, thinking that it is not a regular conventional school, I am skeptical of…

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