The School Of American Ballet, New York City

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Worried about how Caleb would respond to the rewarming process, Becca found it difficult to fall asleep that night. Being in a hospital wasn’t helping any either. She contemplated asking for a sedative, but decided against it and made a conscious decision to not open her eyes again until morning. Two voices rattled by and before long, the hospital was silent for the night. No more sounds, no more voices, and eventually she dozed off and began to dream. She was in a ballet studio dancing with a room full of ballerinas. The studio was large and grand. The instructor paraded back and forth in front of them as they jumped and twirled beautifully together. Becca was surprised by her strength and level of control. When the dancers were excused for a quick water break, they dashed toward their bags. Becca found herself unzipping a duffle bag embroidered with script that read, “The School of American Ballet, New York City.” She pulled out her water bottle and took a long sip. Her throat was dry and heat pulsated from her damp forehead. The sound of the instructor’s quick clap sent everyone rushing to the barre. When Becca glanced in the mirrored wall for a quick bun check, she found herself face to face with Cassandra. Becca’s eyes shot open wide and went straight to the clock. It was just after midnight. Her thoughts moved quickly from her dream to Caleb, but it was too late to call anyone. Sneaking over to the Critical Care Unit was an option; it wasn’t far. The sight of the

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