The School Of Charter Schools Essay

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• Shanker originally proposed he mission of charter schools as schools where “groups of teachers should be able to run their own schools within regular schools and to pursue innovative ways of educating disaffected students.” Observe the evolution of charter schools. How are charter schools these days different? Are these differences, in your opinion, good or bad? (p. 286) • Friedman believed that although “there would be all-white schools, all-black schools, and mixed schools”, choice is of paramount importance in schooling, and that in the cases of segregation, people should “try to persuade others to adopt their views, and in time the segregated schools would disappear.” If Friedman’s beliefs are realized in reality in the present, do you think there will be many segregated schools? What would be the biggest problems of a school system based solely on choice? (p. 271) • Friedman was not the only person who championed the idea of choice. Advocates for choice predicted that “choice would transform American education”, voucher school or charters. They believed that choice would “produce higher achievement” and that when “schools compete, all students gain.” What is some evidence of the achievement effects of charter schools? To what does Ravitch attribute the positive effects? Can these positive effects be achieved by public schools? Did competition between private and public schools improve both, as was the intention? (p. 295) • Ravitch mentions that reformers

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