The School Of Education Is Dedicated For Educating And Providing Support For Future Professionals

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UAB School of Education is dedicated to educating and providing support to future professionals who wish to become an educator. UAB provides prospective teacher candidates with field experience in diverse settings to prepare them to be an effective teacher and professional after graduation. Prospective teacher candidates are assessed for their performance and effectiveness as a teacher throughout their time in the pre-TEP and TEP programs. This essay will answer four prompts that will be both informative and reflective in nature to demonstrate my understanding of the assessment framework in which I will be assessed during my time as an undergraduate at UAB. As a prospective teacher candidate, I appreciate and respect the assessment…show more content…
It has become evident that as a society we must have highly qualified educators that possess the skills necessary to be effective teachers. The No Child Left Behind Act and Common Core Standards both are policies that set education standards to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed rather they chose to further their education or enter the job market. Teachers must be fully capable of teaching the standards. It is very important to assess my progress as it allows me to reflect on and improve my skills as an educator while creating accountability for the education programs. Without these assessments, I might pass the written work without proving that I have the skills needed to be an effective teacher. (Prompt Two) The three major components of the UAB School of Education Conceptual Framework are its’ vision, mission, and values. UAB’s vision is to optimize human potential. The mission is to create knowledge and supporting educational professionals by providing field experience and creating opportunities for reflective criticism. UAB School of Education upholds the values of respect, responsiveness, and innovation in its program studies by continuing to care about the success of candidates by being readily available for support and encouragement. There are four conceptual framework themes used to help prepare future prospective teachers for their field, which
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