The School Of Residential Schools

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This text in relation to my own life has many comparing and contrasting ideas and opinions written throughout the stories and testimonies of the students of residential schools. First off, this text does have components that relate to me personally in regards to the ideals put forth by the staff at residential schools and attempt to convert the students to Christianity. I have been raised in a Christian home and brought up under Christian ways of acting and thinking in my everyday life. The attempt that the White people in the residential schools took to convert the Native children does not relate to me, however after the conversion was completed and the lives of those children changed to Christianity, I can relate to those…show more content…
“We were always hungry” (Miller, pg. 290), is another concise indication that students were mistreated and unimportant in the schools. Many issues surrounding providing food to the students as I’ve previously mentioned is wrong, however one idea that in my own opinion is very unfair to the students is when the missionaries “provid[ed] themselves with separate eating facilities and food superior to that served to the children” (Miller, pg. 292), simply to make it aware that they were of more importance than the children within the school. Although the residential schools provided a home for children whose families could not properly provide for them, the ideals and practices behind the residential schools is not how a human being should be treated or nurtured, making the schools very unfit for children to attend. My opinions of residential schools before reading this article were similar to the information provided; mistreatment, poor quality health care and food, trying to change their religion and culture, etc. However, the article failed to change my opinion of residential schools and instead heightened my idea that residential schools should have never existed. For example, students were sent to these schools to be provided with the necessary means to live a dignified life and receive an
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