The School Of Residential Schools

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This text in relation to my own life has many comparing and contrasting ideas and opinions written throughout the stories and testimonies of the students of residential schools. First off, this text does have components that relate to me personally in regards to the ideals put forth by the staff at residential schools and attempt to convert the students to Christianity. I have been raised in a Christian home and brought up under Christian ways of acting and thinking in my everyday life. The attempt that the White people in the residential schools took to convert the Native children does not relate to me, however after the conversion was completed and the lives of those children changed to Christianity, I can relate to those feelings. The difference in practices and traditions from the native culture to Christianity is apparent; therefore having to learn a new way of living would have been very difficult for the students. This text specifically clashes with my ideas of what is right and agrees with opinions of what is wrong, simply because of the living conditions and poor treatment the students received throughout their time at the residential schools. To begin early off, Miller writes that the students had “…negative recollections embrace both material and personal aspects of the care that they received at the schools. Bad memories focus on food, clothing, health care, supervision and protection, discipline and punishment” (Miller, pg. 290). This immediately…

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