The School Of Rock & The Rock

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Motivation & Background Short background on School of Rock & Right to Rock Organization The School of Rock is a performance-based after school program for children from ages 5 to 18. This organization was founded in Philadelphia in 1998 and has become a growing foundation not only in the United States but also internationally. Their vision is to excel in entertainment, franchising and education. Professional musicians, on a weekly basis, provide music lessons to the students of the School of Rock. They experience a highly interactive and fun environment where they learn and feel inspired to excel in their field. Their end goal is to be confident and perform live in front of large crowds. Right to Rock is an organization that is working to provide scholarship funds for students. Their main idea is to give an opportunity to music students that are talented and cannot afford lessons. Another objective is to recruit more students to the School of Rock who are dedicated and passionate about music. The broad situation faced by managers The broad situation faced by managers at School of Rock is that they want to grow the franchise with corporate involvement. They are trying to provide scholarships to their students alongside with increasing their profit margin. Their major concerns are losing the ability to choose their students and spending additional time to implement this process. Objectives for the project to help managers achieve their goals There are two primary
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