The School Of The Olyphant School District

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In 1910, when this school was first open, many students throughout the United States still attended classes in one-room schoolhouses. Aside from the one-room schoolhouse in Marshwood, Olyphant had progressed beyond that stage. This building was the centerpiece of the Olyphant School District. It had the look of a high school in a major city. At the time all of the streets in downtown Olyphant were paved with red brick. Most of the students lived within walking distance of the school. They were able to walk home to eat lunch. Therefore, no one ever thought of including a cafeteria in the building plans. It was built without a cafeteria or kitchen of any kind. When I attended, there was a lunchroom. It was in what was originally a classroom on the first floor of the annex. There were blackboards and chalk trays. There were folding tables and folding chairs for some students to sit and eat. There was no real kitchen. There was a counter. Behind the counter there was a refrigerator and a freezer. There also was a Stewart In-Fra-Red oven for heating Stewart Sandwiches. Stewart Sandwiches were pre-made hamburgers, hotdogs and the like. They were marketed by Stewart In-Fra-Red, Inc., Harvard, Illinois. Infrared ovens were more readily available than microwave ovens, or radar ranges as they were called. The primary market for Stewart Sandwiches was snack bars at bowling alleys and low-end retail stores. At the time, Stewart Sandwiches were also the main entrée

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