The School Of Thought ( Theory ) Essay

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Task 1 Describe any three schools if thought (theory) 1. For each of management thought (theory) describe each of the following: a. Major contribution b. Strength and c. Weaknesses School of thought first is Management Scientific theory of Henri Fayol Major Contributions: - To arrange the foundation of management as separate body of knowledge. It insists that if scientific forecasting and proper methods are used in management than company can get satisfactory results. According to fayol, management was not personal talent; it is a knowledge base skill. Strengths: - Fayol was the first person to actually give a definition of management which is generally familiar today namely 'forecast and plan, to organise, to command, to co-ordinate and to control. Fayol also gave much of the basic terminology and concepts, which would be explain upon by future researchers, such as division of labour, scalar -chain, unity of command and centralization. Weaknesses: - Absence of attention to issues such as individual against general interest. Fayol saw the employer as overprotective and by definition working in the employee 's interest. Moreover, Many of these principles have been absorbed into modern day organisations, but they were not designed to cope with conditions of rapid change and issues of employee participation in the decision making process of organisations, such as are current today in the early 21st century. School of thought Scientific for issues in organisation,

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