The School Setting And Bully Prevention Programs

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Issues in the School Setting and Bully Prevention Programs
A positive school climate is definitely essential to effectively prevent bullying behaviors, thus it is vital for school personnel to understand what constitutes a positive school climate. A simple definition for school climate is the quality and frequency of positive interactions between students at school, the quality and frequency of positive interactions between adults at school and equally important is the quality and frequency of interactions among and between adults and students at school (Wang, Berry, & Swearer, 2013). Likewise, but more comprehensive, school climate involves far more. It considers the quality and character of school life and is based on patterns of students’, parents’ and school personnel’s experience of school life. Furthermore, it mirrors the goals, values, and norms in addition to reflecting upon the interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning practices and very importantly the organizational structures (NSCC, 2012).
Similarly, research as acknowledged numerous dimensions of school climate in addition to organizational structure. Factors such as the number of students in the school and each class, physical surrounding and how the school uses their resources are considered. In addition to the location of the school and background characteristics of the students, faculty, and staff, and last cultural variables are a factor. For example beliefs, values, attitudes, and rules…
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