The School Shootings Involving 43 Deaths

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Between 1998 to 2001 there have been 10 school shootings involving 43 deaths and 60 wounded teachers and students (Hawley, 1). Based off of the Council of State Governments there were 33 states presented with bills related to arming teachers and staff but only Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Texas passed laws (Murphy). These bills were presented after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. In the States of Utah and Rhode Island any adult with a concealed weapon permit can carry a firearm on school grounds. Concealed Carry Laws are in place to issue concealed carry weapon permits to citizen who want the right to bear arms. Americans who are full believers in the Second Amendment. Some states do not allow citizen to carry concealed weapons, other states have “may-issue” laws leaving the permits to be the responsibility of law enforcement agencies who have the job of approving or denying applications. The law enforcement agencies can investigate an applicant’s criminal record before issuing a permit (“Concealed Carry” 1). Most states have “shall-issue” laws having it so law enforcement agencies issue concealed carry licenses to any person who applies unless they have a specific reason, such as a felony record. In 1998, 31 states established “shall-issue” laws for concealed weapons and by 2010, 6 more states hopped on the bandwagon (“Concealed Carry” 1).

“In 1996, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)…
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