The School Should Be A School Wide Assembly

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The school can hold a school wide assembly informing the students where to get help and support, how to deal with grieving a crisis in healthy ways instead of unhealthy ways. The school should inform the students about the entirety of the event and follow up with what action plans the school has in place to help reassure the staff and students that they are safe. More routine drills can be put in to place to keep everyone feeling ready in the event of an emergency as well. The school may also organize an event to bring more joy back into the school such as a dance or some fun event that raises everyone’s spirits. The school should make sure students are aware where they can get help and counseling, who to ask for help and when they should …show more content…
The staff should make it know to students that it is normal to feel sad, upset, angry or even hurt after an event like this, providing them with resources and support is crucial to the healing process. Student support groups or even faculty led groups may help some student talk about their feelings and facilitate the healing process. Students who act out of may be problematic after the incident should be examined under a keen eye, their behavior may simply be acting out or possibly rooted deeper in the crisis. Any excessively maladaptive student behavior should be investigated instead of constantly disciplined. A student acting out may be crying out for emotional support. Keeping teachers up to date and trained on emergency situations and emotional support will help keep them feeling in control in the event of a crisis as well as educating them on what to keep an eye out for when a student may be suffering from post traumatic psychological issues.
The Amherst School District has a single kindergarten through eighth (K-8) grade building, Washington School, rather than separate elementary and middle schools. Washington is the sole feeder school to Amherst High School. Washington has seen an escalating string of aggressive problem behavior over that past few years, including bullying in many forms, fighting, and verbal threats and intimidation. There is concern that the next

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