The School Should Be Open For The Future Of Education More Butter

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Separate gender in education will make the future of education more butter. It means that boys should have their school and girls should have their school. Also, it has some side effects that might effects on student’s culture. Some people think that school should be open for both ganders. They have no idea about consequences. It has more effects on student life. Parents should take care of their sons and daughters to make their life great and to make them feel comfortable in school. The most important thing is to complete their school and get their higher degree. So, the change that they need to get the goal is to separating the both gander in two schools such as one for male and one for female. These are the three things that will happen if they do not separate school, it effects on student skills, it is more dangers, and it cases family problems.

First, it could influences student skills. So, student will get bad grades and they will have some trouble in their classes. An example, some males will think about girls and how to find a nice girl that they want and girls too. Therefore, some students will be shy that could make them cannot work with girls and do not get the class work. So, that will effect on their skills and may be the teacher will think that they do not want to work with them because they have some diseases or something like that. Also, there are some religions that the women should not take classes with men. So, they must follow their religion and
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