The School That I Would Give Temple University Essay

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I have attended only three different schools before NECC. The school that I thought was by far the most dynamic and helped me retain information better was Temple University. I would give Temple University an A, because I was exposed to several different teaching styles, which made the classes much more memorable. I remember sitting in my Language in Society Class thinking “Why are we taking a group quiz? He might as well just hand out the A’s.” But it was much deeper than that. I had to learn how to balance speaking and listening for group participation, in addition to time management. It wasn’t like a group project, because we were just working together for one timed class period instead of having days of preparation. These were skills that I came to realize were much more important outside of school. I’ve noticed a lot at work, when we have to make a timed decision especially, that people would dominate conversations and leave people’s opinions out. Now, I actually want to hear from people who are quieter as opposed to just thinking that they agree with whatever is being said. I had several different teachers that would challenge the structure of a “normal” classroom.
Being a Linguistics/Speech Pathology major at Temple University meant a lot of my classes were voice and sound related. I can’t begin to describe the weird sounds and phrases we had to produce with our mouths. Learning this way really helped because learning where my alveolar ridge is and how a specific
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