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The Significance of an Educational Leader
The school Vista View Elementary School is a public institution of learning located in Burnsville. and the intent to nurture excellence in the students and the primary focus of instilling the fundamental morals of life in the learners. The total number of students at the school is 464, out of which, five are Indian; 53 are Asian; 96 are Hispanic, 91 black and 219 white. A total of eighteen languages are spoken at the school, indicating an emphasis on diversity. This is a clear indication of an emphasis on diversity. It is imperative that students are taught the essence of shunning racial profiling at a tender age if there is bound to be any success toning down the incidences of marginalization. The school appears to have this deeply rooted in the in culture occasioned by this universal representation of all the major races. The case study of Brad Robb, school principal, will establish that the tone and attitude prevalent in a school environment relates directly to the educational leadership.
He describes his leadership, and management roles as being democratic and relational. He recognizes that for any significant amount of success to be attainable, especially in a school setup like this one, it is imperative that all the individuals charged with various responsibilities get to do them mostly out of their own volition. This may only be possible to attain if the directives they use to go about the day to day activities at the school

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