The School Vista View Elementary School

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The Significance of an Educational Leader
The school Vista View Elementary School is a public institution of learning located in Burnsville. and the intent to nurture excellence in the students and the primary focus of instilling the fundamental morals of life in the learners. The total number of students at the school is 464, out of which, five are Indian; 53 are Asian; 96 are Hispanic, 91 black and 219 white. A total of eighteen languages are spoken at the school, indicating an emphasis on diversity. This is a clear indication of an emphasis on diversity. It is imperative that students are taught the essence of shunning racial profiling at a tender age if there is bound to be any success toning down the incidences of marginalization. The
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If in any case it does, the efficiency is always in question. For this reason, Robb recognizes the need to take part in the daily activities on the quest to have a great influence on the success of the institution. According to Green (2012, pp. 22),” learning is a conditioned reflex action that must be done frequently to master the art”
Robb gives a description of the organization as that which embraces the aspect of education and the benefits that the learners stand to get at the end of it all. For this reason, the building that houses the institution is huge so that a large number of students who can be accommodated in the learning facility at the same time. The rationale behind this is to accord all the willing individuals the opportunity to share in the basics of the learning process. The cultural practices of the district are in support of the activities on-going at the school. According to Green (2012, pp.3), “The performances of a school are likely to be reflected upon the culture of the environment in which it is located.” The leadership norms have a crucial role to play.
The leader manages conflict through avoidance. He frequently impresses upon the members of staff and students alike to resist conflicting situations so that it may be feasible to develop an environment without problems, and where only peace is commonplace. He also puts a primary focus on the need for everyone to be accommodative. It is crucial
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