The School Year Of My Life

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It was my sophomore year, and I was once again the new girl in school, the one who was taken advantage of. It had been one of the craziest school year of my life. Now as I sit back and think on it I am grateful that it happened. My eyes were opened, I experienced new feelings, and changed in big way in such a relatively short matter of time. This all came from what I thought was love. It was exactly 1:00 pm on a Tuesday, when I broke down in tears in the hallway of my high school, nobody blinked twice about it. I had never felt a pain in my heart this great before at this point in my life. It was like my heart was made out of glass, and it became broken, shattering into millions of pieces. This wasn’t a mental type of pain. I felt each shattering piece of glass fall in my chest, it was momentarily paralyzing. I had just left my class, roaming the packed halls, of the place I called Hell. Animals running wild because it is feeding time, and from the outside it appears as if they had not eaten in months when I saw him. My heart started to beat as fast as humming bird wings but this time is was not beating in love so each flutter was more painful than the last. Emotions that I had been holding in, hiding from the world had decided that in this moment they were going to come to surface it was like I was a wolf howling in pain at the sight of him. So I did what the only thing I knew how to do at that time, I ran. Luckily I attended a catholic high school, so there was a chapel
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