The Schools And Public Schools

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For children from birth to 5 years of age (Early Years) the childcare centres are usually community or trust schools, these are mostly run by the school governing body or by a charitable foundation. Children from the ages of 5 to 16 are entitled to a free place at state school. The different categories of schools are:
Community schools run by the local authorities, which as owners of the land and buildings are responsible for upkeep etc. The local authorities are also responsible for the admissions and they decide who is eligible.
Voluntary Aided Schools or Faith Schools, this kind of school is associated with a particular religion where the land and buildings belong to a charity or religious organisation, it can be partly funded by a governing body, by the local authorities or by charities. The national curriculum must be followed except for the religion lessons and it is possible that this type of school has a strict staffing policy and admission criteria but anyone can apply.
Academies are publicly funded schools where the money for the land, buildings and funding is jointly raised by sponsors from businesses. They are independently managed schools but have close links with the Local Education authority and the government covers running costs. Independent schools set out their own curriculum which together with the admission policies are decided by the Head Teacher and the governors. These schools are funded privately by parents and investment incomes, half of which have…

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