The School's Process For Financial Expenditures Not Being Well Aligned With Students ' Needs

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Introduction Edwin M Wells Middle School, in Houston, Texas, is part of the Spring ISD. The school, in 2015, reports enrolling 1,165 students in grades six through eight, and it has 69 teachers on staff. The problem is the school 's process for financial expenditures not being well aligned with students ' needs. By streamlining the process for financial expenditures, it will ensure the expenditures fulfill students ' needs efficiently and appropriately. The impact the problem is having is that when the lessons are not fully supplemented with the required supplies there is a lack of engagement in the classroom. Therefore, the system must be streamlined in order to fulfill student needs. Methodology and Results Improvement Cycle #1:…show more content…
In the observations of the classrooms, we had a chance to observe a lesson that had the correct supplies. In this classroom setting, a large number of the students appeared to be engaged and were able to answer questions easily. The students interacted better in the class when the supplies were present because they were able to have visual and hands on references to engage the students. We also observed a classroom that did not have the supplies needed and found that a large percentage of the students were not engaged, and a few had their heads down on their desks. In this class, when the teacher asked questions only three students participated and the rest did not. During both classroom visits we made sure to pick similar teachers that were teaching the same subject with similar lesson plans. We began to see the effect of not having supplies versus having a well-supplied classroom. We then realized that the school 's process for financial expenditures is not well aligned with students ' needs and was affecting the end product, which provides the engagement and educational needs of the students. If we could repeat this process, we would have tested more classrooms to see if these observations continued. We would test to see if supplies received on time helped keep students engaged, and increased successful learning by aiding in student
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