The Schooner Flight By Derek Walcott

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The poem The Schooner Flight by Derek Walcott describes the story of a man, nicknamed Shabine, as he prepares to leave his home island on a schooner ship. However, underneath this seemingly simple story, Shabine is dealing with major issues, such as post-colonialism on the island, an affair, and the corruption at work. While Shabine’s life has been in distress for some time, he still feels compassionate towards the island and his family. This complicated situation makes leaving all the more difficult for him, which the author relays to the audience through this poem. In lines 44-69 of Derek Walcott’s poem The Schooner Flight, literary devices such as metaphor, alliteration and simile, and imagery further convey how the speaker feels when leaving the island, as well as why he must do so even with his love for his home, María Concepcion, and his family. In lines 44-69, the metaphor of nature as María Concepcion helps reveal how Shabine really feels about his relationship with her. Throughout the poem, María and nature are constantly compared and it is shown within this section as Shabine is preparing to leave the island. In lines 48-50, Shabine remarks that “I knew when dark-haired evening put on / her bright silk at sunset, and, folding the sea, / sidled under the sheet with her starry laugh.” In this comparison between María and the sunset, it shows how, within their relationship, Shabine is trying to hide his relationship with María from his family, seeing her only in the…
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