The Science And Knowledge Of Global Culture

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Abstract Watching movies in order to learn the language very different from watching movies in order to have a fun and entertainment , of course , you can combine the two , but if your primary goal of watching movies is to learn the language & improve your English listening and speaking skills , there is a lot of effort to be played by this process to make it useful in developing your language . Movies is one of the most useful things that student wanting to learn a new language . Which will increase the ability of the learner to understand the words , and make easier process of memorizing the sentences .The main reason for me to do this research is because a lot of english learner learn a lot by watching movies . My tool in this research is an interview .
English considered of major importance for students who wants to improve their chances and look at the science and knowledge of global culture . English language is considered the most prominent language of this age . But that does not mean that the process of learning this language should be taken seriously and stressful way . Indeed , there is evidence from psychologist suggest that learning is more effective when done in a fun way, as it increases the love of the language and the desire to continue to learn and perseverance in learning so it can entrenched in the mind . Watching movies - foreign - have several benefitt , including as an excellent way to learn foreign languages , especially…
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