The Science Behind Lean Construction Essay

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The Science behind Lean Construction. Masnoon Ahmed Azmi. T00607410 What is Lean Construction? In the terminology of construction industry, the term Lean can be defined as the methodology adopted in the field of construction inclining towards innovative and technological advancements. Appropriate applications of these methods would result in the efficiency of the project, also, helps in limiting different types of wastages. The Lean construction methods promises the improvements in production control and flow reliability, which in turn benefits the project cost and duration reduction. Moreover, the principles on which the Lean construction is based were derived from manufacturing processes to be utilised in construction industry. Lean construction has adopted quality tools and principles to optimize the construction methods through efficiency, reduction of waste and continuous improvements in the field of construction. The kind of wastages the Lean construction majorly focuses are, -Defects- Requiring rework -Unnecessary transportation and moving materials several times on a jobsite. -Unnecessary Movement, searching for supplies and tools around jobsite. -Wait; workers waiting for the instruction of work and the schedule and plan. -Non-value added processing, meaning, doing work which is not needed. -Larger inventory. The supplies which are in excess and do not require any kind of immediate work at the construction site, but just stored at and eating up all the
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