The Science Community is Constantly Advancing Technology

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The scientific community, none more than the field of biology, is constantly advancing technology and society while being influenced by them at the same time. The case of antibodies is no exception. Antibodies have had a pivotal role in disease therapy and vaccine design which has been able to save the lives of millions. This paper will introduce and review antibodies and their relevance to biological advancement as well as the development and application of the research into society. It will also demonstrate how the field of biology, technology and society are in an ever changing and diverse landscape. Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins which interact with the epitope (binding site) on the antigens (any foreign bacteria or virus in the body) and facilitate its destruction and clear it from the body (C – G2). These antibodies are released into the body by B lymphocytes. B lymphocytes or B cells are “lymphocytes that mature in the bone marrow and express membrane-bound antibodies” (C-G3). B cells are activated after they encounter molecules which react with receptors on the membrane. After they are activated, B cells differentiate into antibodies which bind to the antigen (A 1). The group of proteins which antibodies are contained are the immunoglobulins (Ig). Immunoglobulins are “proteins consisting of two identical heavy chains and two identical light chains that recognise a particular epitope on an antigen” (C-G10). There are five different types of antibodies in the body,

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