The Science Fiction Story, A Reporter

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Anthony Ha
ESS 102
Research Paper In the science fiction story, a reporter goes to board the first public flight to Mars. He writes about what he experiences such as the feeling of being the first passengers to Mars, seeing the technologies that recycle water, eating fresh produce in space, and the final landing on Mars a year later and watching the rovers that landed before him moving about. Many problems of space travel stem from the fact that supplies are limited in space. A trip to Mars with current technologies would take eight months to travel to Mars and that is just robotic missions (NASA 2012a). This presents an obvious problem that a space flight can only carry a limited amount of food, water, and air. Any system also needs to be powered by electricity. Current food technology consists of prepackaged food. There are a couple problems that space food has to be able to solve. One problem is that space food has to not just float around and get into vents, crevices, and machinery. This is a hazard that scientists have to keep in mind when making food. Also, it should be long lasting enough to last in space until a resupply. The food the astronauts eat in the International Space Station right now are all packaged food sent up from earth. There is freeze-dried food which is cooked before being flash frozen and vacuumed. This is then rehydrated with water when astronauts want to eat. There are wetpacks, which are food pouches that don’t need to be rehydrated like…

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