The Science Of Computer Science

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Academic Statement of Purpose
Master of Science in Computer Science
The 21st century has been driven by the advances of technology. Its applications span from the primitive audio players to the advanced robotics involving Artificial Intelligence. All this has happened only because of the continuous development of the modern technology. This rapidly advancing field of science attracted my interest and made me choose Computer Science as the major field of study in my Bachelor of Engineering.
Learning anything new or progressing in the field of our passion requires a good foundation of the basic minimal. And, like any Science, Computer Science requires the firm adaption of the foundation of Operating systems, Algorithms, Programming languages, computer architecture and many more other fundamentals. Keeping this as the thumb rule, I concentrated more on these basics during my undergraduate study and throughout my career.
Right from my childhood I had a strong inclination to be a Compute Science Engineer. My interest in the subject has grown with each passing year and it has reached where even PhD will not quench my thirst for knowledge.
“Question anything and everything. There is never a stupid question”, was the mantra I learned as a child from school. This has made me ask all the what? Why? Who? When? How? To anything I learn. This has always made me go to the basic foundations of any knowledge I am seeking to learn. With this approach, I got to learn more about my…
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