The Science Of Nursing, Nurses, Doctors, And Nurses

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For the nurses, doctors, and midwives who are lucky enough to witness the miracle of birth, we have the beautiful opportunity to be right there, to see firsthand a new life being born. We are there for a child’s first breath as well as the emotions of family members as their lives change forever. We as nurses, get to watch someone become a mother, a father, a parent. With this great honor, also comes the duty to ensile valuable patient education and provide emotional support to our patients, that will help ease their mind during this very exciting yet incredibly, scary, terrifying time. Nursing theories are a standardized and systemic delivery of a set of claims that are related to various questions in the discipline of nursing, and they are used to explain phenomenon in the field. The science of nursing is focused around the notions of person, health, environment, and nursing. Theories serve to guide nurses through the steps of assessment, interventions, and evaluation of nursing care. Ramona T. Mercer’s Maternal Role Attainment Theory (MRA), is a Mid-Range Nursing theory, which was initially developed to serve as a sort of framework, and guide for perinatal nurses to provide suitable interventions for all mothers, and to help nurses transition their patients into the maternal role more successfully. It can be applied in all stages of pregnancy, and post childbirth. The nursing process follows four stages, anticipatory, formal, informal, and personal stage, and, over

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